Winter Tale

Lonely heart of Goliath
Climb onto the world of coals winds
I have told you my story
In a breath of life

You sworn your love
Of a tale of a prince
The door clears, you slip into my world
Made me bow to the stars
In the reality of dawn

I love what love takes
It makes my world shake
Leaves me wild in cry

A cool breeze inspires my faith
Invites you over my heart
You stay linear in my world
Passes all gates to steal my heart
Singing in spoiled oracles of a divine mystery

I am inside your heart to cover your arts
For them you hurt
Make them real so that you chant
Another oracle of my power to lift you high

I can't bring you so high that you may fall
My hand is too soft for your pen to hold
Let me change places so that you may rest
In my world of golden prints I am your prince

I have waited to be sonar on clock
Graceful is your moan in my home of tales and songs.

I woke up from a mediation and wrote this. It's raw.

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